A unique Mentoring Network specializing in Life Sciences and Health Technologies

Experienced mentors at the heart of Montreal's InVivo business community to propel industry entrepreneurs across Québec

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of mentored entrepreneurs pass the five-year survival mark

Created at the initiative of Montréal InVivo in 2011, the BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network's mission is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs in the life sciences and health technologies sector (LSHT), by offering them the support of experienced mentors from sector.

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The mentors all come from the LSHT sector and have a deep understanding of the specific issues in this sector. BIOSUCCÈS will help you to :

  • Understand the intricacies of the LSHT sector
  • Acquire the right entrepreneurial reflexes in this industry
  • Develop agility in your processes
  • Facilitate navigation in a regulated environment
  • Optimize the stages of the commercialization cycle
  • Be part of a business community and take part in the exclusive activities offered by Montréal InVivo

The success of the entrepreneurial journey of our mentors will be a source of inspiration for the challenges you will encounter. They will help you to :

  • Develop your entrepreneurial know-how
  • Stimulate your thinking and your critical sense
  • Give you tools to better validate your decisions
  • Guide you to develop your network and surround yourself with the right people
  • Help you better manage difficult situations and deal with unforeseen situations
  • Increase your chances of success and strengthen your business plan

More than 12,000 entrepreneurs are mentored by Réseau M

Mentoring doubles businesses’ survival rate

93% of mentees recommend Réseau M

In an effort to provide exemplary service to our mentees, all our mentors are trained and supported by our partner Réseau M.

The BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network brings together about twenty mentors who have distinguished themselves in the Montréal InVivo business community for their exceptional entrepreneurial journey. Together, they have allowed some 45 entrepreneurs to benefit from a specialized LSHT mentorship under BIOSUCCÈS.

Judith Lacoste - CEO, MIA Cellavie Inc

« BIOSUCCÈS’ approach to mentoring is humane and places discussion at the heart of the relationship between mentor and mentee. »

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