Our mentors

Mentors from the Mentorat BIOSUCCÈS network come from the life sciences and health technologies sector and have been involved in the various phases of creation and development of successful organisations in this field. Our mentors are objective and have no financial interest in your business. Their independence is a guarantee of confidence.

We display hereafter a list of our mentors along with a short bio.

Please note that assigning a mentor to a mentee is a based on several criteria such as availability, geographical location, complementarity, etc. Potential mentees can’t therefore request to be associated to such or such mentor in this list.

Pierre Lemieux / Montréal region

Dr Lemieux has been the Chief Operating Officer of Acasti Pharma Inc. since April 2010. Previously, Dr Lemieux was President and CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of BiolActis Inc., a company he sold in 2009 to subsidiaries of the multinational company Nestlé. In 1999, Dr Lemieux joined the Suprateck Pharma team as director and vice-president to oversee the development of formulations for gene therapy on behalf of Rhône-Poulenc Rorer and Genzyme, today under the control of Sanofi. Previously, Mr. Lemieux took part in the development of cardiovascular products at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Laval University (Quebec). He is the holder of more than 20 patents and the author of more than 50 publications. Dr Lemieux carried out his research work at Laval University, at the Paul Papin Cancer Institute in Angers (France) and at the University of Nottingham (England). These concerned ovarian cancer and its treatment with monoclonal antibodies used to target cancer drugs. Following his graduate studies, Dr. Lemieux joined the Oncology Department at the Center for Health Research at the University of Texas (USA). He received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Susan G. Komen Foundation (breast cancer). Dr Lemieux has served on the boards of directors of BioQuébec, Montréal In vivo and Pharmabio Développement and now on the board of directors of the Center Québécois de l’Innovation en Biotechnologie.

Claude LeDuc / Montréal region

Mr. Leduc is a CEO with 33 years of international experience and achievements in the life sciences, for private, public and Fortune 500 companies. His qualities include exemplary leadership; ability to set clear goals and oversee their execution, inspiring management and / or individuals to shine, perform and lead in harmony with contemporary values. Mr. LeDuc has to his credit several private and public financings totaling more than $ 60M. He has participated in several technology developments, clinical studies and launches of pharmaceutical, biological and medical devices. Claude is available to help any committed individual to share his current concerns within his company and thus provide the person with the professional and personal equity he will invest.

Luc Sirois / Montréal region

Luc Sirois holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from McGill University and an MBA from Harvard University. Recognized in Canada and around the world for his creative approach to innovation, M. Sirois is a leader and entrepreneur in digital technology, with investments in numerous startups and non-profit organizations focused on youth, health, science and education. He co-founded the health innovation movement Hacking Health as well as its digital health accelerator and pre-seed fund. He is co-founder of Resonant Medical, now Elekta Canada, a leading manufacturer in the field of radiation oncology and image-guided treatments. He has also served as Vice President of Consumer Health at TELUS Health, Telesystem and Nightingale, and as Manager at McKinsey & Company with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Zurich and Paris.

Until recently, he was Managing Director of Prompt, a not-for-profit organization that facilitates R&D partnerships between the industry and research institutions to improve the competitiveness of companies in the ICT, artificial intelligence and other digital technology markets. Mr. Sirois is also strategic advisor to the Minister of the Economy and Innovation of the Quebec government. As such, he currently works on deploying new tech transfer models, on the culture of innovation in institutions, on issues of business creation and scientific entrepreneurship, as well as on the transfer of social innovations and their adoption in society. In December 2020, he was appointed Chief Innovator of Quebec and Director General of the newly created Quebec Innovation Council.

André P. Boulet / Montréal Region

Dr. Boulet is an executive with broad experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical product development and it’s financing. He has a direct experience with clinical research, health economics, venture capital, corporate management and all of its related financing activities. He offers a global solution by reconciling and optimising the compatibility of his skills. Through his strengths, he masters the art of convincing a vast variety of stakeholders coming from diversified fields. A team worker, he can rally people behind a vision with the ultimate goal of producing winning products. His interest is in companies with innovative technologies/approach, venture capital.

François Arcand / Région de Québec

Entrepreneur in life sciences (SiliCycle inc., Québec, 2013/17 ; ERA Biotech, Barcelona 2004/2010 ; Conference on Plant-made pharmaceuticals, Québec 2003, Montréal 2005 ; Medicago, Québec, 1997/2002) and in arts and culture (1978/1997). Co-author of « Novel Protein-Production Systems » (2004) and « Audace et ingéniosité, moteurs du développement économique et sociétal » (Institut du Québec, 2017).

Currently attempts to improve treatments for solid cancers (Pharma in silica inc., Québec).

Appreciates sea kayak, cinema, most types of music and certain people.

Born in Québec City in 1955; Executive MBA from John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montréal (1995).

Gilles Chaumillon / Montréal region

Gilles Chaumillon is an experienced manager who has worked for over 20 years in the life sciences and medical devices field.
Holding a Ph.D. degree in biology and MBA in the management of biotechnology, he started his career as R & D and process development Director for a biopharmaceutical company well known in Quebec city area. He then joined several biotechnology companies where he held various senior positions in project management and product and business development, before becoming General Manager of a CRO specialized in phase IV and pharmacoeconomics. Until recently CEO of an animal nutrition company; he devotes himself, among other, as an advisor to technology and science companies and to implementation projects for ISO 13485 and HACCP compliance. His expertise covers all aspects (R & D, clinical, quality assurance, regulatory submissions) of biopharmaceutical, natural health products, veterinary, food and medical devices product development. This allows him to help companies from research and development to marketing in compliance with the appropriate regulations. Meanwhile, he has completed several due diligences for merger and acquisition projects and participates in the development of financing plan for various industrial projects.

Michael Fahey / Montréal region

Michael Fahey is a Senior Leader with over 30 years of international experience in systems engineering, information technology, life sciences and healthcare technologies. He is a catalyst for innovation and encourages the development of talent and a culture of entrepreneurship that focuses on customer needs and delivering value. He works with chief executives to facilitate the review and development of go-to market strategies, venture financing, business development and critical talent and succession management. Mr. Fahey holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering).

René Gosselin / Montréal region

Mr. Gosselin has more than 30 years of experience in the life science industry and since 2009, is founding-shareholder and president of Menodys, a medical device company. Prior to 2009, he was managing partner at CREA Group, and has also been president of Val-CHUM LLP the technology transfer organisation of CHUM (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montréal) where he oversaw all the technology transfer activities of CHUM’s affiliated research centers.From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Gosselin also served as president and general manager of a start-up company in the veterinary and agri-food industry. During his tenure there, he secured more than $16 million in financing and built the company up to more than 90 employees with operations in Canada and the United States (St. Paul, MN). The company’s multinational activities generated over $10 million worth of sales per year after only five years of operations. Mr. Gosselin, through CREA and its own management firm, has been involved with many start-ups in executive positions.

Mr. Gosselin holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a MBA from the University of Sherbrooke, as well as a certificate in business law from the University of Montreal. Mr. Gosselin is co-inventor on two patents in the medical device sector.

Luc Tanguay / Montréal region

Over the last three decades, Luc Tanguay has built a successful career in finance, business and biotechnology. He started with a key position as an investment banker with one of Canada’s largest financial institution, where he worked on nearly a billion dollars’ worth of transactions in the healthcare sector. As an executive, he went on to contribute to the growth of Theratechnologies, a publicly traded bio-pharmaceutical company. he helped the company access public and private capital and participated in the development and implementation of its spinoff strategy, which led to the creation of public and private start-ups. From 2012 until recently, as CEO, he initiated strategic changes at the company, which opened the door to significant commercial activities in North America and Europe. At the beginning of 2020 he retired and is now member of different boards of directors.


Philippe Walker / Montréal region

Philippe is one of the co-founders of NIMIUM Therapeutics, a Montreal-based life-science start-up focused on the development of an innovative therapeutic to prevent and reverse the adverse effects of excess caloric intake and to promote healthy aging. In 2012, he was the co-founder and CSO of the NEOMED Institute, a public-private institution designed to translate academic discoveries into high quality drug candidates. Until June 2012, Philippe was Vice-President and Head of the AstraZeneca drug discovery and development center in Montreal and member of AstraZeneca’s Global Neurosciences leadership team. In 2010, Philippe was head of Neuroscience Worldwide Drug Discovery). He has been on the Board of Directors of Arginetix and then Corridor Pharmaceuticals, representing the MediVenture Investment fund. Philippe was born and studied in Switzerland where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1986. He then joined the group of Ron Reeder at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. From 1988 to 1994, he established and directed a molecular biology research group at the Division of Hypertension of the CHUV in Lausanne Switzerland.

Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury / Région de Montréal

Founder, mentor, professional coach, recognized for his entrepreneurial resilience and actor of the circular economy. His practices include teaching contemporary management, developing leadership and designing transformational innovation models. He has worked as a senior executive and turnaround advisor to US IT and international telcommunications leaders, including Unisys, Cerner, HP, Citrix, Cisco and Stratus, for whom he has developed emerging markets all around the world by carrying out large projects.
Graduate in Business Administration, Business Management, Organizational Process Analysis and a concentration in Organizational Leadership from HEC Montréal. He followed graduate studies and professional development courses in Social Responsibility of Organizations at ESG-UQAM and  the Scandinavian Model – Tools of Success at the University of Montreal CÉRIUM and the Masters in Management at ÉNAP. He is a candidate for MBA International at Hult Boston University, Shanghai, China campus. He received his professional training in banking and healthcare IT solutions at the Unisys International Center, Milton Keynes, UK.
He continues his private research on the models of success, with the emotional dimension of well-being, through the emotional education FEEL © of which he is a designer.
He stands out for his restructuring capabilities and expertise covering continuous improvement, applied psychology, change management in a difficult context, the development of international business in technology and strategist of smart cities according to the Nordic model. in connection with the NORPLAN Global Consulting Group.
He was one of the first HEC Montréal graduates mentors in 2011 as well as the REPAF network of entrepreneurs, while being part of the management team of the Tandem HEC Montréal 2012-2014 mentoring program and continues to be a mentor for a number of entrepreneurs, as well as doctoral students in occupational psychology at the SQPTO. His creations include a range of professional coaching programs. From 2013 He got involved in politics by becoming a candidate in municipal and federal elections.

Michel Lamontagne / Montréal region

Michel Lamontagne is a tax lawyer by training, a member of the Quebec Bar (LL.L), a graduate of the Collège des administrateurs du Québec and a certified company director (ASC / C.Dir.). He works mainly as board member with public, parapublic, private and philanthropic organizations, in the field of financial institutions, health, the environment, medical information and technologies, governance and planned giving. He has always pursued his professional career with active community involvement in the areas of business, health, philanthropy, youth, disadvantaged families and the arts.

Meir Levi / Région de Montréal

Engineer by trainng (B.Eng. Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel, M. Eng. McGill), innovator at heart and realistic at the core, Meir Levi built two hightech companies to successful exits, the last one to Varian Medical Systems – the global leader in multi-disciplinary cancer care solutions – where he serves as a senior director. Meir vast experience have already helped young startups in strategic positioning, global market entry, IP, Licensing & contract negotiations, securing mission and value to create strong story to VCs and strategic partners.

As a strategic business leader, seasoned CEO and visionary innovator, Meir has served and is serving on the board of several companies private and public and is mentoring entrepreneurs thru winning business models.

Gilles Derome / Montréal region

Mr. Derome has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector coupled with coaching and experience in canvassing start-ups in Life Sciences .In pharmaceuticals, he has held various positions in sales, marketing and new product development , leading to manage a commercial unit in NeuroScience where he had full responsibility for the Business Unit . He has worked in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical service sectors as Vice President , Business Development for two companies where he participated in the creation of several partnership agreements with pharmaceutical companies . As Vice President, in Life Sciences at the Centre d’entreprise et d’innovation de Montreal, Mr. Derome has worked in development of young companies, providing services in strategic market analysis, business plans, commercialization support and strategic partnership. He initiated the activities of the Commercialization Office at the Centre of Excellence in Drug Discovery – University of Montreal , where he contributed to the establishment of strategic partnership agreements with the pharmaceutical industry.

Josée Morin / Québec city region

Josée Morin is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned bilingual Corporate Director with more than 30 years of experience in information technology and healthcare. She launched two technology companies that were sold to large US corporations. She is known as a strategic thinker with the ability to identify growth opportunities and provide guidance to companies working through complex issues.

Josée is a Certified Board Director (ASC/C.Dir), Professional Engineer, (P. Eng), and holds an MBA and a BA in Electrical Engineering. Coupling that education to her professional business experience, she is a respected Board member, actively contributing to the sound governance of organizations. She shows expertise in the areas of strategic planning, cyber and IT governance, risk management and digital transformations.

Josée has served as a Corporate Director for a variety of private companies, not-for-profit, and technology investment fund Boards for the last 25 years. She now sits on the Board of major corporations. She participates in the creation of collective wealth by advocating diversity, transparency, digital agility and solid business ethics.  She writes regularly on governance.

Samir Mounir / Montréal region

Dr. Mounir has several years of experience in the venture capital field and in the world of investment in the life sciences and health technology industry. Previously, he had spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. After obtaining his Ph.D., he built himself a career as researcher, professor, then as manager in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, where he managed several R&D projects , that led to the development of clinical candidates. Then, having completed an MBA, his career takes a new turn. After a number of years, as senior analyst responsible for a sizable portfolio of enterprises in the life sciences and health technology industry, he co-founded two biotechnology firms. It is based on this dual background that he has become an expert, renowed in the healthcare sector as well as the world of investment in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical technology industries.

Jean-Maurice Plourde / Québec city region

Mr. Plourde has over 40 years of experience in planning of scientific and technological development, in management and strategic consulting, in innovation as well as innovation to SMEs in bio-industry projects. He is an economist by training and holds a Masters in industrial relations. He is active in several organizations devoted to the technological and industrial development of Quebec. Member of several boards of Directors of emerging technology companies and organizations, including the Presidency, in 1997 and 1998, of the Quebec bio-industries Association, that became BioQuébec.

Patrick Tremblay / Montréal region

Mr. Tremblay holds the position of Senior Vice President at Caprion where he is responsible for corporate development strategies and development of diagnostics. He has extensive training and experience from academic field, biopharmaceutical and investment . He holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Montreal , and completed his postdoctoral studies in Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry . He has worked with the U.S. investment firm Pappas Ventures and has also held the positions of Vice- President Research and Development at BioAxone Therapeutics and Director of Pharmacology at Neurochem where he developed drugs for the disease of Alzheimer and injuries to the spinal cord . Patrick was also an assistant professor of Neurology at the University of California at San Francisco where he worked on neurodegeneration induced by prions with the team of Stanley Prusiner , Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology (1997). He is also involved in many innovative initiatives in the field of life sciences and has recently co-founded the Partnership for personalized cancer medicine ( PMPC ) and worked closely with the creation, financing and launch of the new Institute dedicated to the development Neomed innovative new drugs.

Michael Mee / Montréal region

Michael Mee completed an undergraduate degree in engineering at McGill and became enamored by the possibility to apply a quantitative engineering mindset to biology and the emerging field of Synthetic Biology. He moved to Boston to pursue his doctoral studies where his Ph.D. research in Biomedical engineering was completed in George Church’s lab at HMS. He was bit by the “entrepreneur’s bug” at the tail end of his PhD and launched a company, Syncrobes, focused on translating the technology he was advancing to improve the gut health of livestock animals. Growing that company provided him opportunities to interact with the Boston VC community and ultimately led to an offer to join one of the premiere life science focused venture creation firms, Flagship Pioneering, where he was focused on conceiving, strategizing and ultimately building very early-stage companies. A long-term goal of his has always been to bring his learnings in Boston back home. To that end, he recently relocated to Montreal to help launch a new Canadian focused life science and health technologies venture capital fund, Amplitude Ventures, and is excited to be able to achieve this goal with the support of the stellar team he works with.

Nathalie Ouimet / Montréal region

Nathalie has always been interested in innovation in her professional career. She has enviable expertise in economic development based on the co-creation of structuring solutions with experts in the field. Nathalie was vice-president of Montreal InVivo for nearly twelve years, where she was responsible for coordinating the development and financing of the portfolio of projects. She has been directly involved in the development of structuring projects and sectoral strategies to better support innovation. Nathalie is currently a strategic advisor at the Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre where she helps the team implement projects and support programs for young companies in the life sciences sector. She is also actively involved in supporting the growth of incubated companies. Nathalie holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the Université de Sherbrooke and an MBA from HEC Montréal. She started her career in pharmaceutical research. Nathalie then worked for ten years in technology transfer, in the research centers of hospitals of the University of Montreal’s network.

Valérie Thibodeau / Montréal region

Valérie Thibodeau, Ph.D., candidate for the Executive MBA, obtained her doctorate in immunology and virology at the Faculty of Medicine of Montreal University. She acquired 13 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical and clinical industry (Quebec and France), 5 years in university and hospital environments and 3 years in a non-profit organization always as a scientific manager-development of strategic partnerships. Valérie is currently an innovation broker at CHU Sainte-Justine (CHUSJ). She supports researchers/clinicians/teachers/students in the process of promoting innovations based on her in-depth knowledge of the innovation ecosystem in Quebec. She was director of operations and development of the PROCURE biobank in the field of prostate cancer and this project was one of her greatest achievements. She was responsible for coordinating a collaborative network of four university hospitals in Quebec (CHUM, CHU de Qc-UL, MUHC, and the CHUS). She created and developed partnerships with key opinion leaders in oncology. She has formed an international scientific advisory committee for the allocation of samples and clinical data from patients in the cohort to support research in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

Guy Yves Ngiriye / Montréal Region

Mr. Ngiriye is the co-founder and General Manager of Laboratoires BNK Canada Inc., a pioneering company in the fields of medical diagnostics, clinical research and the development of specialized analytical methods founded in 2012. Mr. Ngiriye worked for more than five years in the laboratory products industry before spending more than ten years in the field of clinical research and drug development. During this period, Mr. Ngiriye held several positions of increasing responsibility. He was responsible for the activities and strategy for the recruitment, selection and retention of research project participants as well as responsible for clinical operations and sat on several clinical trial feasibility committees as a manager and consultant.