How is mentoring beneficial ?

The network mentor is an experienced entrepreneur or business leader who provides support on a volunteer basis to an entrepreneur, on a regular basis and over a long-term period. Mentoring enables the mentored entrepreneur to foster his development as an entrepreneur and take the requisite step back in his decision-making.

While having a direct impact on companies’ success, mentoring for entrepreneurs focuses first on the individual, on the entrepreneur’s soft skills. It also enables the entrepreneur and the mentor to develop within a strictly confidential relationship, free of any conflicts of interest or judgment. A code of ethics, rules and development workshops help guide the mentoring practice within the network.

The purpose of mentoring within the network is to support the entrepreneur in an effort to help him:

  • Better understand himself as an entrepreneur;
  • Better identify challenges;
  • Better understand his goals and needs;
  • Better evaluate his options to make his own decisions.

Maintaining an atmosphere of trust is vital to the mentoring relationship for entrepreneurs. We are therefore sensitive to the fact that the mentor/mentee discussions remain confidential.

Concretely speaking, mentoring:

  • Enables the mentee to break the sense of isolation often experienced by the entrepreneur;
  • Encourages listening and questioning;
  • Is used to reframe the issues encountered;
  • Helps identify possible solutions;
  • Encourages and motivates;
  • Helps to share the mentor’s critical approach to problems;
  • Ensures feedback is given on performance and attitudes;
  • Ensures that information exchanged during discussions remains confidential.