Why become a mentor ?

There are many personal motivations for becoming a mentor but the most common ones expressed are:

  • Making a concrete contribution to Quebec’s prosperity and economic development;
  • Contribute to the success of young entrepreneurs and have them benefit from their your experience;
  • Give back or yet, give what you would have appreciated receiving when you were first starting out;
  • Help ensure continuity in existing enterprises;
  • Continue to serve society and remain active within a dynamic network, even at retirement;
  • Continue to learn;
  • Be in contact with the new generation and new technologies;
  • Be part of a dynamic and recognized network.

BIOSUCCÈS Mentoring Network is part of Réseau M and, as such, mentors can participate in official events intended for Réseau M members. One of the purposes of the Rendez-vous du mentorat pour entrepreneurs (Mentorship meetings for entrepreneurs) is to stimulate discussion on issues shared by the network, facilitate the exchange of best practices and networking, and provide training for coordinators and mentors.

We also offer our mentors a skills-building program on specific topics through training sessions, workshops and other activities.

Becoming a mentor